I’m Hrishikesh, and you’ve chanced upon my braindump. This website contains my working notes accumulated over some years. They’re in a really messy state and probably will be like this, it’s the nature of these notes. I use org-roam to maintain this wiki and I am still learning how to use this thing properly. I can see that it’s pretty powerful, esp. within emacs.

While I do maintain copious notes on various topics, this is not a blog, and neither is it meant for public reading. I use this site mostly to revise my notes and search through them when I’m on my phone.

I also haven’t made good entry-points to my brain yet, but you can start hopping around by going to the full index or the latest page.

Have fun!


  • I have a few(more than a few) tables in this wiki and it’s getting hard to manage them as org-mode tables, It’ll be nice to have all of them into a sqlite store and then query the db inside org-files and create the tables. This way management will have a nice interface and I will not have to worry about formatting etc. I might be able to do it with existing packages if not, will have to write one.
  • It’s safe to say attaching PDFs is not possible yet plus it’s not properly organized etc. (We need a PDF dump kind of thing to which we can link to, i think i have some similar idea listed in ideas.org or something)
  • Linking tldraw files, currently it’s a pain-point to have to export/import stuff.
  • Creating anki card is nice with this but it can be improved. This can also be extended to do semantic search over the wiki.